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Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the Salon

According to, "About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. In 2017, an estimated 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 63,410 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer." This cause is near and dear to our hearts here at TruReflection Salon. Sheena's grandmother fought breast cancer in the 90's and later passed away from lung cancer that took over her whole body. Rachel's mother fought twice and the second time it appeared, breast cancer took her up to the heavens. We really want to honor all those who have fought, will fight, and were stolen from their families due to breast cancer. Rachel would like to share her mother's story in hopes of helping others going through a similar situation. Please take some time and read on to hear her story.

TruReflection Salon will have the month of October dedicated to breast cancer awareness. The PINK DOT DESIGN!!!!! The pink dot is for each person that donates at the salon, we will place their name on our wall for the entire month. You may write the name of a loved one you have lost, someone you know who has cancer, or simply your name. We will start a wave design on our wall with each and every dot. At the end, TruReflection salon will donate all money to I.W.I.N Foundation,

Additionally, All pink Kevin Murphy products will be 10% off and a portion of the money will be donated to IWIN. Our goal is to donate $1,000! Please feel free to stop in and pick your dot donate or buy a product any time during the month of October!

Rachel Bowles Journey

I never thought breast cancer would be the reason I don't have my mom at 23 years old. But it is, and I've learned to accept that. In 2006, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. She went through numerous rounds of chemotherapy losing her hair, making her so tired, and weak. Eventually, we got the news she was cancer free. 6 years later, my mom went in for her regular checkup and they saw something. Not actually on her breast but actually on her lungs after seeing a couple doctors it was determined that it was in fact breast cancer, that has spread and has came back with a vengeance.

On February 17th, she started chemo once again, which in fact was the same day she started it 6 years prior. During her process of getting her port put in, they caused a fracture in her back. Not only was my mom dealing with this fracture but also starting the process of chemo. Those 6 weeks of chemotherapy were the hardest weeks for my mom. They warned us about the side effects chemotherapy brings but didn't tell us my mom would have every single one. From throwing up at all hours of the day to skin peeling off her feet. She was in so much pain but never ever didn't have a smile on her face. After the 6 weeks of chemotherapy, they decided to do radiation, which the side effects were just as bad as chemo if not worse. Unfortunately, it wasn't getting better but it wasn't getting worse. My parents were very good at keeping me and my brothers informed but not to the point we would think to worry.

On July 18th, I made my way down to Georgia to visit my father's side and friends. My mom insisted I go but my heart was telling me to stay. As I made my way down to Georgia, my moms text became very spaced out, which I usually texted my mom all day everyday when I wasn't with her. I knew something was going on because even my brothers were not texting me back. My family in Georgia also reassured me not to worry because they to didn't want to worry my brain.

On July 20th, my cousin took me to a Braves game. In the middle of the game, my cousin told me we had to leave right now and head to the airport. That is when I got "the call". My dad said "You have to come home, your mom isn't doing good." I got the first flight back to Indianapolis. This was the longest flight of my life; thank goodness for the wonderful stranger seated next to me that had gone through a similar situation. The next 2 days were a blur. My mom was in a induced coma. Which was completely different than what I saw her two days prior. We spent the days telling her how much we loved her, with different friends and family coming in to see her.

On July 23, 2014 at 3:13pm my mom lost her battle to breast cancer at the age of 53, with me and my brothers laying with her. It still feels like yesterday. Within all the evil of breast cancer, my mom still took everything on with a huge smile on her face and a contagious laugher that I will never forget, and that's how I will remember her.

-Rachel Bowles

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