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Sheena VanHook

Welcome to TruReflection Salon blog page, thank you for taking the time to come check our page out! Here you can find information on hair, makeup, and lifestyle choices. My name is Sheena VanHook, owner and Hair stylist here at TruReflection Salon. I am a professional hair stylist, hair colorist, makeup artist, and photographer. I opened the salon in May 2017. The salon and myself strive to amaze, go above and beyond, and work hard to exceed all expectations for our clients. Everyone is passionate about our career and work extra hard to educate and stay up in trends. All Hair products sold have been carefully hand selected to be cruelty feel, environmentally safe, and organic for the the hair. I am from the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana I am passionate as an artist but also creating a loving/welcoming environment that everyone feels at home.

I am a firm believer that beauty is the person sitting in my chair or in front of my camera because everyone has something inspiring about them. The media's view of attraction can keep us envious but true beauty is inside and out. Whether you have flawless skin, luscious lips, sparkling eyes, flirty freckles, the list goes on! My goal is that you embrace how amazing you are and how to best accentuate those qualities rather than hide them. I have wonderful children and a future husband that I love dearly. I was born with built in best friends/sisters. I enjoy exercising, it keeps me sane and happy. Coffee and cookies make my world going round, send me your favorite recipes! I also love to listen to motivational speakers, such as Les Brown. Traveling on an Anthony Bourdain adventure is one of my retirement goals. My best friend lives all the way in California...while I'm in Indiana. I studied photography in college and enjoy taking photos of people, architecture, and nature. Transforming a hair canvas into a vivid color creation every month keeps my mind inspired. Lets meet! I welcome you to visit my chair.

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Where do you live?

I'm based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Are you married?

Partially, I have been with my amazing high school sweet heart Michael since June 22th, 2008! When is your birthday?

August 10th, I'm 31

Do you have kids?

Yes, We have a daughter named Jozlynn, she is 10 and my little man is Michael, he is 6.

How tall are you?

I am 5' 5'' Do you have pets?

Yes, we have a Pit bull named Lexi, she is 9 What do you do outside of Hair? I'm a professional photographer, owner and operator of TruReflection Photography, check me out on Facebook. Plus I love to be outside hiking, rock climbing, and working out What colors are currently in your hair? I have a balayage with a natural root level 7 "for now"

What is one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?

Starbucks Coffee and Cookies, Send me your favorite recipes.

How do you spend your free time?

I work out 3-4 days a week and enjoy just being a mom with the occasional fun night out on the town.

What is your favorite brands of make up?

There are so many amazing brands out there, but Hard Candy, IT Cosmetics, Mac, Urban Decay, Anastasia to name a few.

What brands of hair products are mainly used?

Matrix is my main hair color, Kevin Murphy and Loma for hair styling products, Kevin Murphy is my favorite bleach, and Malibu C, Kevin Murphy, and Loma are all my back bar shampoos and conditioners. Last but not least my vivid colors are Joico, Pulpriot, Urban Shock, and Pravana.


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"You have to do things today that others won't do; so tomorrow you will have the things that others wont have". -Les Brown

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