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5 Ways to Tell You Have Hair Breakage

1. Check your ends The easiest way to tell if you have breakage is to simply examine the ends of your individual strands of hair. If your ends split off into multiple little hairs, then you have some breakage.

2. Check for fallout Another obvious sign of breakage is if you frequently find short, broken off pieces of hair on your shirt or counter. Damaged hair snaps off and falls out very easily. Remember though, some hair loss is normal.

3. CHECK FOR TANGLED HAIR Hair that is healthy combs easily. If it’s constantly tangled then it could be damaged. Hair with breakage will clump together, making it harder to comb.

4. CHECK FOR A LACK OF MOISTURE Extreme dryness and a lack of moisture are clear signs of breakage. Healthy hair should have a natural shine to it. Try deep conditioning your hair and if it still looks dull after, then your hair is probably damaged.

5. CHECK FOR DIFFERENCES IN TEXTURE Check a few different sections of your hair, feeling for a rough, brittle texture. For example run a strand from the nape of your neck through your fingers. Then compare that texture to a strand of hair from your crown. You may have breakage if there is a noticeable difference in the hair’s smoothness.

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