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Growing Out Bangs: What To Know Before You Grow

Avoid that awkward hair stage entirely.

On one hand, we absolutely adore bangs. But on the other hand, we also love changing up our hairstyles! If you’ve had a fringe for a while, growing out bangs may be the next thing in your mind on your quest to switch up your look.

The in-between stage can be painless. Keep reading to learn the best tips for growing out bangs:


1. Pick a part.

Decide on a parting and start creating side bangs or part in the center and wear curtain bangs as they grow. Whatever parting you choose make sure you stick with is as it grows out.


2. Train your hair.

You will need to train your part which shouldn’t take long if you blow-dry in the direction you want them to lay down. If you have had a fridge for a long time, you might need to use a clip for a couple washes.


3. Hide and Tuck

The worst part about growing out bangs is when it gets to that awkward in-between length that makes it super obvious you’re not trimming them anymore. To effectively blend them into your hair (or tuck them in inconspicuously), try some braids and twists.


4. Ease the transition with layers.

When your bangs get close to chin length, you can transition them into your haircut as face-framing layers. Ask your stylist to cut layers starting from the length of your now mostly grown-out bangs. This way your bangs will be able to seamlessly blend into the rest of the hair on the sides of your face.


5. Give it time!

Last but not least, growing out bangs can be a long, frustrating process. On average, hair grows about a half inch per month. Find cute styles, enjoy the process, and know in time they will grow.

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