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March 2019-Make up Class

Make- Up Class 2019

Three stunning models with different age groups and looks.

step by step with tips and tricks with make up.

This class gave advice on brands, techniques, and so much more.

Look one was a simple every day wear. This make up application would be great for the every day. Busy mom life or on the go its the perfect simple but classy look.

Second look was created for a lunch date, headed for a nice dinner, or that moment you just want to look nice for the day. Wear all day make up in just 35 minutes.

The all nighter make up creation. Takes a little longer to create but the after look is worth it. This is the look everyone wanted to book this class for. The full make up application that will turn you into a super model. Bring out your eyes, contour, eyeliner, lip stick, and eye shadows.

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