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It may take a little more work to have healthy winter hair, but we consider it a great excuse to encourage your clients to treat themselves to great products.

Winter is a great time for skating, gift-giving, and hot chocolate drinking. It’s less of a great time for hair health. The cold winter air can dry out lovely locks and dry furnace air is no better. Hair-lovers might need to take a couple of extra steps to keep their hair healthy and shiny all winter long. The TruReflection Salon team has taken the liberty to list some great techniques to combat that dry winter air.

Hair Oil Many people shy away from the idea of putting oil directly on the root, but adding hair oil into one’s daily routine is a great way to nourish your scalp and ends during those dry winter months. Simply massaging a nourishing oil such as Young Again or Loma Fortifying oil into the roots of the hair promotes blood flow and hydrates the roots. This practice has been used by people in India for generations to nourish the scalp to grow healthy, full hair. For best results, add oil to hair when it’s clean so it can absorb as much nutrients from the oil as possible.

Wear a hat Yes, hat hair is something all frizz-havers dread. The thing is, a large chunk of body heat escapes through the head and ears. Not only that, but if you're foregoing a hat, you're exposing their hair to the harsh winter air and elements. A lightweight oil such as Loma nourishing oil is fast-absorbing and can be used daily to provide them with smooth, gorgeous hair, even right after they pull off their winter hat.

Use a Great Brush (And Maybe a Little Something Extra) We all know that different hair brushes provide different hair results. For winter, a boar bristle brush is fantastic for evenly distributing the oils throughout the hair, leaving your clients with shiny, touchable locks. A great option is the Holiday Famar Brushes we now have at the salon. This is the perfect brush to create beautiful curls and waves for those gorgeous holiday looks.

Even More Frizz Fighters The best part about anti-frizz serums is that they are beneficial and hydrating for the hair. They hydrate the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny. A light anti-frizz serum to add to your clients’ winter hair care routine is the Loma Calming Cream. Winter might take a little more work to have healthy hair but sit back, relax, and turn on classic holiday music while you pamper yourself with hair treatments for a great winter season. Get yourself ready for the winter season by giving yourself the proper tools to hydrate and repair with every use.


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