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How Young is to Young to Color your Kids Hair?

How Young is Too Young to Dye Your Daughter’s hair?

Is your daughter or son begging you to add color to their hair? This is a frequently asked question in the salon. Children's hair tends to be much finer than adult’s hair; the hair dye and bleach can have numerous amounts of chemicals that can cause substantial damage, sometimes creating a reaction due to their skin being more sensitive. Bleach and dyes can have chemicals that can change the texture of your child’s hair. These two forms of permanent color are not suggested until a child is in their teens.

Now back to FUN colors or (nonpermanent color) such as blues, pinks, greens etc. Temporary colors only coat the hair shaft and do not penetrate as dye would. This is a safe way to add color that will not damage your child’s beautiful hair.

Personally, I put pink in my daughter’s hair for the first time at the age of three years old. I had pink and she wanted to be like her mommy, how could I ever say no? I placed a peek-a-boo color in her hair and of course she was the coolest kid in preschool. She is now seven, to date, she has had just about every color but our more recent favorite is the Ombre Pink. Very fun!

Honestly, I have added vivid colors several times in my client’s children hair. Their faces light up in so much excitement, they feel so grown up just being in the act of getting their hair colored. I have had teens tells me it helped boost their self-confidence.

If you have a young child and you’re debating coloring their hair, this decision is solely up to you as a parent. If they have allergies, please check with your pediatrician first.

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